Why choose TCM in the Nature’s Sunshine product line?

Key benefits:

  • Lower cost/day
  • More standardized and more potent
  • Lower shipping cost
  • Less pills to swallow
  • Less clutter

TCM stands for Traditional Chinese Medicine. However, in the Nature’s Sunshine product line, TCM also represents much more.

Currently, 16 of Nature’s Sunshine herbal formulas exist both in traditional formula and a TCM formula. In general, both versions contain exactly the same ingredients but the TCM formula costs more and contains less capsules. However, in spite of that fact, the TCM formula is usually a better choice both from an economical and health perspective. The reason? TCM formulas are standardized extracts which means they are highly concentrated versions of their alternatives.

Think of this way. If you eat a plant that is classified as an herb, you may be getting some powerful health benefits but the majority of what you are actually eating is useless plant fiber, water, and other components that are not helpful to you at all. While eating that herb is better than nothing, what if someone extracted out just the key components that helped you and discarded the rest? In a nutshell, that is what an extract is.

Good extracts allow you to get the same value from a small dose and they are also standardized, meaning they are guaranteed to have a certain level of the most important beneficial components of the original herb. In other words, rather than just grinding up an herbal plant and putting it in capsules, good extracts are manufactured to a certain specification to ensure that you are getting exactly what you need. This is one of the key aspects of what is meant by the term “pharmaceutical grade.”

The reason that Nature’s Sunshine TCM formulas are usually more economical is found in the necessary dosage. While you might need to take several capsules a day in the traditional formula, TCM formulas always require far less capsules. Here is a quick example:

VS-C (100 capsules): $15.95
VS-C TCM (30 capsules): $24.50

The traditional VS-C label recommends 8 capsules a day, meaning the cost is about $1.27/day. On the other hand, the VS-C TCM label recommends only 1 capsule a day, costing just $0.82/day. In addition, while our shipping costs are quite low, TCM costs far less for us to ship and we pass that on to you. In fact, you can order several TCM products from us and still pay our minimum shipping of $2.99-$3.74.

Think about that for a second. When you purchase TCM formulas, you save money, get a more standardized health benefit, have to swallow less capsules, and have less bottles cluttering up your cabinet. That makes TCM an obvious choice.

Don’t ever get too caught up in the number of capsules in a bottle. That is not the whole story. You have to know what is in the capsule. In the case of Nature’s Sunshine TCM formulas, the lower capsule count wins handily both in the benefit and your pocketbook.

TCM formulas are always clearly labeled. The label is always red. Here is a complete list of TCM products at Nature’s Sunshine:

Anti-Gas TCM – 30 capsules
Blood Stimulator TCM – 30 capsules
Breathe Activator TCM (formerly Breathe E-Z) – 30 capsules
HY-C TCM – 30 capsules
IF-C TCM – 30 capsules
KB-C TCM – 30 capsules
Kidney Activator TCM – 30 capsules
Liver Balance TCM – 30 capsules
Lung Support TCM – 30 capsules
Mood Elevator TCM – 30 capsules
Nature’s Chi TCM – 30 capsules
Nervous Fatigue TCM – 30 capsules
Spleen Activator TCM – 30 capsules
Stress Relief TCM – 30 capsules
Trigger Immune TCM – 30 capsules
VS-C TCM – 30 capsules

TCM formulas are also grouped into two very popular packs based on traditional Chinese medicine. Save big when you buy these packs.

Chinese Negative Pack – contains Lung Support TCM, Blood Stimulator TCM, HY-C TCM, KB-C TCM, Nervous Fatigue TCM, Spleen Activator TCM, and Trigger Immune TCM.

Chinese Positive Pack – contains Anti-Gas TCM, IF-C TCM, Kidney Activator TCM, Liver Balance TCM, Stress Relief TCM, Mood Elevator TCM, and Breathe Activator TCM.