Howlett family

About Caring Sunshine

We are a family-based business based in Georgia. Believe it or not, we have been selling Nature’s Sunshine products since 1999. We kids grew up working in our first little one-room basement warehouse and can remember (grudgingly) packing a handful of orders every morning.

Today, we pretty much run it all while juggling school and other things.

We are grateful to you, our customers, for your faith in us to take care of your needs for the past many years.


Our father, the founding CEO and a longtime expert in ecommerce. While he has turned over the day-to-day stuff to us, he is our mentor and coach, and we ask him for help in marketing and technology. Once a month or so, he might even set foot in one of our warehouses (not that he actually does anything when he comes).

Greg is a former successful concert pianist and recording artist, and his work is still widely listened to today. Check out some of his music here.


Our mother, chauffeur, lunch maker and bringer, customer service rep, occasional warehouse worker, and the one who has to put up with Greg (for over 25 years).



Our logistics manager, Kelsey is responsible for staffing our customer service reps and warehouses and making sure that they do their jobs accurately and efficiently. Very strangely, she does not like to wear shoes.

Kelsey is a senior at Purdue University studying business. She divides her time between our locations in Atlanta and Salt Lake City.


Katelyn is our main social media planner and also works in our Atlanta warehouse. She just graduated from high school and is now a full-time student at the University of North Georgia studying graphic design.

She loves painting and snarking, not in that particular order.



A senior in high school, Zach works in our warehouse when he has time. He enjoys sports and hanging with his friends.


David grew up in the business packing orders and talking to the customers but he has since moved on to bigger things: the US Air Force.

He is currently in technical training studying cyber security and is soon heading overseas.

Howlett dogs

Rocky and Bandit

To be honest, these two are completely expendable employees and frankly cause more trouble than they are worth in the business.

If you were to ask them, they would tell you that their responsibilities involve barking at the UPS driver and begging to go home.