About Nature’s Sunshine

Natural health and wellness have the power to literally change lives. Nature’s Sunshine is about making that a reality through our products, people and even our business opportunity.

We understand the skepticism. In today’s world, even good products are overhyped with fraudulent claims. Hot products turn out to just be fads. But for many decades, Nature’s Sunshine has proven itself to be a solid and dependable choice for people looking for better health.

Surviving in a tough industry requires great management and great products. We are committed to every step of the manufacturing process. In fact, we make our own products, subjecting them to rigorous testing and unparalleled quality control. The result is a product line that is trusted and recommended by stores, health practitioners, and customers all over the world.

Every day, millions of customers benefit from the products we produce. And as a result, lives are transformed.

Our quality

Step One: Raw Material Sourcing.

From all over the world, we acquire the highest quality natural ingredients possible. In addition to inspecting our suppliers regularly, we verify every shipment to ensure that the ingredients are pure and truly beneficial.

Step Two: Formulate for efficacy.

We have a science team on staff that formulates our products with an relentless pursuit of perfection. That is why our customers can depend on our products to be consistently beneficial.

Step Three: In-house manufacturing.

All Nature’s Sunshine products are produced in our own facility under our own guidelines and conditions which meet and exceed the world’s most stringent regulations.

Step Four: Testing from start to finish.

All told, there are over six hundred tests that we conduct on Nature’s Sunshine products. That might seem obsessive but we are indeed obsessed with creating the finest products possible. That is why we are still here after forty two years.