Nature's Sunshine product updates

Here are the products currently on backorder at Nature's Sunshine. This list is updated automatically twice each day. Because of current difficulties with ingredient sourcing, this list is much longer than normal. If you do not see a product on this list, it is unaffected by shortages and available for immediate shipment.

As of 12:00 pm EST on 04/16/2024, the products listed below as available at Caring Sunshine are in our warehouse and ready to ship immediately even if on backorder at Nature's Sunshine. Buy them quickly because they will not last.

Backordered at Nature's Sunshine

SKUProduct NameAvailable at Caring Sunshine
872AdaptaMax - 100 CapsulesYes
1507Adrenal Support - 60 CapsulesNo
22991AIVIA Exogenous Ketones - 267g Strawberry RushNo
777ALJ (DISCONTINUED) - 180 tabletsNo
Available Alternate(s):
ALJ (Seasonal Allergy) - 100 Vegicaps
ALJ® - 2 fl oz
1693Aloe Vera Juice (Whole Leaf) - 32 fl ozYes
22385Ashwagandha - 60 VegCapsYes
3114Brain Protex (With Huperzine A) - 60 CapsulesYes
3879BREATHE DEEP - 15 mlNo
1230C-X - 100 CapsulesNo
Available Alternate(s):
Dong Quai - 100 Capsules
Licorice Root - 100 Capsules
Menstrual Reg - 100 Capsules
3070Carbo-Grabbers - 60 CapsulesNo
Available Alternate(s):
AIVIA Carb Blocker - 60 capsules
21944Cedarwood Atlas - 15 mlNo
926Cellu-Smooth (DISCONTINUED) - 90 CapsulesNo
1879Cellular Energy - 60 CapsulesNo
23497Chlorophyll Stick Pack - SpearmintNo
3010CLA - 75 CapsulesNo
Available Alternate(s):
Ultra Therm - 120 Capsules
3842Clary Sage - 15 mlNo
3673Combination Potassium - 180 CapsulesNo
Available Alternate(s):
Ionic Minerals (With Acai) - 32 fl. oz.
Multiple Vitamins and Minerals (Time Release) - 60 tablets
4202DHEA-F - 100 CapsulesYes
3967Essential Oil Scent Sticks - 50 piecesYes
8781Find Strength - 2 fl ozNo
3162Flax Seed Oil (DISCONTINUED) - 8 fl ozNo
Available Alternate(s):
Flax Seed Oil (With Lignans) - 60 softgels
906Garcinia Combination - 100 CapsulesYes
3845Geranium (Organic) - 15 mlNo
1698Golden Salve - 1 ozYes
945HSN-W - 100 CapsulesYes
21259IN.FORM All-In-One Power Stacking Shaker BottleNo
22966l'amara Anti-Pollution Exfoliating Cleanser - 3.38 ozNo
22967l'amara Anti-Pollution Revitalizing Concentrate - 1 fl ozNo
22968l'amara Daily Nourishing Cleanser - 120 mlNo
22976l'amara Moisture Boost Emulsion - 50 mlNo
22736l'amara Radiance Oil - 1 fl oz (30 ml)No
22977l'amara Revealing Eye Cream - 15 mlNo
22969l'amara Skin Activating Toner - 120 mlNo
21690Liquid - Methyl Vitamin B-12 Complete - 2 fl ozYes
960Lymph Gland Cleanse - 100 CapsulesNo
Available Alternate(s):
Lymphatic Drainage - 2 fl oz
Lymphomax - 100 capsules
920Lymph Gland Cleanse-HY - 100 CapsulesNo
Available Alternate(s):
Lymphatic Drainage - 2 fl oz
Lymphomax - 100 capsules
4077Lymphomax - 100 capsulesYes
3072MetaboMax Plus - 120 CapsulesYes
3134Mind-Max - 90 CapsulesYes
3861Neroli (Organic) - 5 mlNo
5384Nervous System (30 Day Program) - 60 packetsYes
2877NSP Power Shaker - 20 fl ozYes
485Papaya Mint - 70 chewable tabletsYes
21945PARADISE Relaxing Blend - 15 mlNo
2720Products A-Z BookNo
3838PROSPER Success Blend - 15 mlNo
21947Ravintsara - 15 mlNo
3856RECOVER Soothing Blend - 15 mlYes
3867Red Mandarin - 15 mlYes
22215Rejuvenaid (DISCONTINUED) - 30 stick packsNo
Available Alternate(s):
Power Beets Pouch - 210 grams
Power Beets To-Go Packs - 30 servings
1190Relief Formula - 60 capsulesNo
Available Alternate(s):
Hops - 100 Capsules
Turmeric Curcumin (Formerly CurcuminBP) - 60 caps
3837RELIEF Settling Blend - 15 mlNo
3862Rose - 5 mlYes
1618Tei-Fu Essential Oils - 0.17 fl ozYes
K4195Thai-Go Mangosteen Juice - 2 bottlesNo
Available Alternate(s):
Nature's Noni - 32 fl oz (2-pack)
Super ORAC - 90 Capsules
1224Thyroid Activator® - 100 CapsulesYes
1104Ultimate GreenZone - 180 CapsulesYes
3079Ultra Therm CF - 120 CapsulesNo
6964USB Travel Diffuser (Mini)Yes
745Wild Yam - 100 CapsulesYes
1108Wild Yam & Chaste Tree - 100 CapsulesNo
1121Women's X-Action - 100 CapsulesYes

Discontinued Products

Here is a complete list of all PERMANENTLY discontinued products from the last ten years with alternatives when available.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you have products that are unavailable at Nature's Sunshine? We have a warehouse well-stocked with Nature's Sunshine products and sometimes, they run out before we do.

Is your inventory old or stale? No, we get shipments from Nature's Sunshine every day and products ship out as fast as they come in. Our inventory is generally as fresh as it gets!

How come you do not give expected availability dates for these products? While Nature's Sunshine does provide expected return dates, they often have to change for various reasons. We have found that giving wrong dates leads to customer badwill and false expectations, and we prefer to avoid those things. We can say that in general, most products return to stock within a few months.

Why are so many products on backorder at Nature's Sunshine? While it might be easy to blame Nature's Sunshine for the current product shortages, the problem is due to covid-related global shortages of many raw ingredients. This is not isolated to Nature's Sunshine; most companies are struggling with similar problems right now.

I am a distributor. Can I purchase these products from you? If you are a Nature's Sunshine distributor, you are welcome to order from us. However, if you are ordering in bulk, please understand that we might have limits in place on some of these backordered items and cannot offer volume discounts.