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Thyroid Activator®

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  • Supports the thyroid gland
  • Rich source of essential minerals

How it Works

Nature’s Sunshine Thyroid Activator® is a blend of Irish moss plant, kelp leaves and stems, black walnut hulls, parsley leaves, fo-ti root, and sarsaparilla root. The herbs contained in Thyroid Activator are an important source of minerals that provide glandular system support, particularly support for the thyroid gland. The nutrients in the formula such as protein, fatty acids, minerals, alginic acid, amino acids, and mineral salts are often lacking in the modern diet. These nutrients support thyroid hormones and thyroid function.


Irish moss algae, kelp leaf and stem, black walnut hulls, parsley leaf, sarsaparilla root

Recommended Use

Take 2 capsules with a meal three times daily.

NOTE: Pregnant or lactating women should consult their health care professional prior to taking this supplement.

1 review for Thyroid Activator®

  1. KM (verified owner)

    I am a 45 year-old female not taking birth control, eating healthy, exercising regularly, and getting a good amount of nightly sleep. I have struggled with all of the typical symptoms of low thyroid function for the last 20 years, but was unwilling to suffer the side effects of conventional treatment for low thyroid function, so I just dealt with the typical symptoms and focused on improving my diet, exercise, sleep, etc. (I’m not going to list the typical symptoms of low thyroid function here. I’m assuming that if you’re reading this review, you know what those symptoms are and are looking for a supplement to address them.) Although I always tested in the lower end of the “acceptable” range of thyroid test results, I knew something was wrong, but wasn’t sure how to address the issues, and because I didn’t want conventional treatment anyway, I didn’t press the issue with any doctor. When peri-menopause symptoms began to appear on top of the usual list of symptoms I struggled with, I knew I needed to do something. I started doing more research and bought some natural/herbal remedy books, which led me to this supplement. I was looking for something “natural” that would gently help my body to do what it was supposed to do, without causing additional problems (side-effects) in other areas that I would then (also) have to deal with. After reading several reviews, I figured this supplement was worth a try. I started out with (1) Thyroid Activator capsule each morning with my usual multivitamin and mineral supplements. In the first month I noticed less fatigue (overall) and less difficulty concentrating. I also began taking an iron supplement before bed each night. Between the two new additions to my daily routine (nightly iron and morning Thyroid Activator), I felt so much better. My monthly cycles became less extreme, shorter, and more routine. I had energy again. Now the Thyroid Activator bottle’s recommendation reads, “Take two capsules with a meal three times daily,” but I was only taking (1) capsule in the morning with breakfast and it was ALL I needed to make a difference in my day and in my monthly cycles. As I read in other reviews, this supplemental blend is very powerful, so I took it slow and recommend that as well. After a year had passed, I was experiencing additional fatigue and stress, so I decided to increase my daily dose. I’m now taking (2) capsules each morning with breakfast (which is still 4 capsules less than the recommended amount!) but whenever I miss them, boy what a difference it makes in my day. On the very few occasions in which I’ve accidentally forgotten to take these 2 little capsules and my nightly iron, I feel so incredibly tired the next day (not worse than before I began taking this supplement, but the SAME level of fatigue that I’d lived with in all those years before I began taking Thyroid Activator). That kind of fatigue was all the reminder I needed to get those powerful capsules back into my system again. I would recommend this supplement without any reservations to anyone who has tested within the “normal” range for thyroid function but knows there is something amiss because of the presence of low thyroid-related symptoms, who is opposed to conventional low thyroid function treatment, and anyone who would prefer to start treating those symptoms slowly in order to gauge her body’s response accurately. I had no side effects from this supplement. In fact, I’m getting better sleep than ever before in my life, and I have energy to think, to concentrate on my work, and to play with my kids. I was not compensated in any way for this review, nor was I encouraged to write one for this website. I hope it helps someone.

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