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Psyllium (Seeds)Kosher

100 Capsules
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Product Information

Why take this product?

  • Supports colon health
  • Good source of bulk fiber

How it works

Nature’s Sunshine Psyllium Seeds support colon health. Dull-colored and with a thin, white hull, these small seeds contain 10 to 30 percent mucilage, a substance that may act as a lubricant to the digestive system, cleansing as it passes through. Used for several centuries in Europe, they are a recent addition to U.S. natural medicine. They are a good source of bulk fiber. Nature’s Sunshine Psyllium Seeds come in 600 mg capsules.

Persons with sensitivities to inhaled or ingested psyllium may experience an allergic reaction when using this product.


Technical information


Psyllium seeds

Recommended use

Take 2 capsules with at least 8 oz. water with a meal twice daily.

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Customer Reviews

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Robert Latimer

I have used psyllium for years to help me control my bowel movements. Psyllium ground to a fine powder helps my body get rid of excess fats, and it creates bulk in my feces excretions in my bowels. This product is also good to stop diarrhea.

Nature's Sunshine Psyllium
Psyllium (Seeds)