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Free Nature Sunshine Membership

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How it Works

Do you need a Nature’s Sunshine Membership?

Basic information
A Nature’s Sunshine membership allows you to purchase products directly from Nature’s Sunshine. Once you are signed up, you get a membership number and can either call Nature’s Sunshine directly or order on their website. Most people use the membership sort of like a Costco membership. In other words, they order for their own family and maybe occasionally for a friend. However, your membership also allows you to start a business, sell to other people, and sign them up underneath you to earn commissions on their purchases.

Your membership is free with any order. If you want to take advantage of this offer, simply add the membership to your shopping cart and check out. We will send you a membership ID via email within a few days and you will also get a welcome kit by mail within two weeks.

Who benefits from the membership?
Because we (Caring Sunshine) already sell the products at the member price, have inexpensive shipping, and do not charge sales tax, many people really would not benefit from having a membership. They should just order from us. In general, we match Nature’s Sunshine member prices and even their sales. However, if you meet the criteria below, you should definitely sign up for the free membership.

  • You are likely to order over $100 at a time. (Nature’s Sunshine pays a commission of at least 10% to customers that have a volume of at least $100 during any given month.)
  • You live in a state without sales tax. (Nature’s Sunshine collects sales tax in every state they are required to do so.)
  • You are interested in starting a business selling Nature’s Sunshine products.

Who would NOT benefit from the membership?
If you meet the criteria below, skip the membership.

  • You place smaller orders (<$100).
  • You live in a state where you normally have to pay sales tax. (We never collect sales tax.)
  • You don’t want additional clutter or complexity in your life.

We should state that if you request a membership, we will sign you up under us and earn commissions from your purchases. For that reason, we really have no ulterior motives in pushing you one way or the other. If you want to talk about your situation, contact us. We are experts at helping you save money. If you are interested in starting a Nature’s Sunshine business, contact us about that as well.

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