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Nature's Sunshine

Nature’s Fresh Enzyme Spray

22 fl oz
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Product Information


  • Contains plant-derived enzymes that safely break down stains and odors
  • Does not contain any harmful cleaning agents
  • Biodegradable and safe
  • Features 100% recyclable plastics and packaging

How it Works

Nature’s Sunshine Nature’s Fresh Enzyme Spray is an unscented, hypoallergenic, all-natural spray that eliminates stains and odors with enzymes and proteins from fruits and vegetables. Nature’s Fresh Enzyme Spray breaks down the molecular structure of stains and odors without doing harm to the fabric.

Recommended Use

To eliminate organic odors: spray into air or directly onto odor-causing source such as shoes, clothing, bed linens, upholstery, carpet, auto interiors, etc. To eliminate organic stains: spray on stained area, let product sit, then blot stain until gone. (More difficult organic stains may require more than one application.)

Product Label

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New label and other changes

In the fall of 2020, Nature's Sunshine switched to a new label and changed the names of a few products. However, no formulas have been changed. To learn more about the changes, click here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
nature's fresh

I love this enzyme spray. I use it as a bathroom spray; an underarm deodorant; facial cleansing; wash for my hard contact lenses; for stys @ eyes; freshener to get perfume smells out of items, etc. etc, etc

Ray Foy and Gloria Foy
Nature's Fresh enzymes spray

Every one needs it !!!
We keep it in the car, bed room, bathroom, kitchen and washroom !!
It helps to stop bleeding when a cut or scrape, with a burn, muscle pain, knee pain, odors, stains....
Great for hair !! And also on pets for managing odor and fleas !!

DG McClary
Natures Fresh Enzyme Spray

Works wonders for inflamed nerves after shingles attack, One spray and the itching is gone for hours.

Denese Wiefling
Perfect product

I use it on stains on smelly fabric and things I also use it for my ankle and my husband’s wrist old injury bone on bone it helps relieve the pain

Raymond Easterling
Enzyme Spray

Love it. It works on so many different aches and pains. Also so easy to apply

Natures Sunshine Natures Fresh Spray
Nature’s Fresh Enzyme Spray

Only 169 left in stock