Welcome New Products to the Family

Welcome these NEW PRODUCTS to the family!
Chocolate Fans, Rejoice!
Shake up your shake routine—and rock your taste buds—with our creamy, delicious new IN.FORM™ Metabolic Age Support Whey Chocolate Protein Shake!


Supports weight management and a healthy body composition
Delivers 20 grams of protein per serving
Is packed with additional nutrients, including 2 grams phytosterols for cardio support
Is 100% compliant with our clinically studied, patent-pending IN.FORM program
Provides rich, guilt-free, decadent chocolate flavor from pure cocoa
Available in a 15-serving bag and new single serving sachets—perfect for travel.
Methyl Combo—B12 Meets Folic Acid
We all need vitamin B12 and folic acid for nervous system health. But these nutrients have to go through a lengthy three- and four-step conversion process before our bodies can really use them.

Not anymore! NEW Methyl Combo provides both of these nutrients in their extremely bioavailable “methyl” states—ready for immediate use by the body.


Supports the nervous system and overall well-being
Assists with situational emotional stress
Helps maintain normal neurological and psychological functions
May help with a reduction of tiredness and fatigue
Liquid Methyl Vitamin B12 Complete Methylcobalamin is the most usable form of vitamin B12. No converting required. This product also provides niacin, vitamin B6, riboflavin and thiamin in an easy-to-swallow liquid.

Promotes energy
Supports central nervous system function
Provides 1,000 mcg B12 per serving

Hand & Body Lotion
Moisturize and protect your skin with new Hand & Body Lotion! Use it right from the tube, or blend it with your favorite Authentic Essential oils for custom infusions. Features the natural moisturizing benefits of shea butter plus oils from coconut fruit, kukui seed, macadamia seed and olive seed.


Non-greasy, moisturizing formula
Safety-, allergy- and dermatologist-tested
SHINE Energizing Blend Roll-on
Smell-abrate our 45th anniversary year with a brand new Authentic Essential Oil blend! Energize and stimulate your senses, and ground yourself in peace and serenity. SHINE features oils of Grapefruit, Peppermint, Wild Rosemary, Atlas Cedar, Lemon and Pine Needle all pre-blended 1:1 with Carrier Oil—so it’s ready to roll! Apply it directly to wrists and/or neck as desired.


FIVE of Your Favorite Authentic Essentials Blends—Now Available in New Roll-ons!
We’ve taken five of our most popular Authentic Essential oil blends— CORE, BREATHE DEEP, REFUGE, INSPIRE and RECOVER—and made them into roll-ons! All are pre-blended 1:1 with Carrier Oil so they’re ready for instant application. Perfect for travel and for sharing!




*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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