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Nature's Sunshine

Tei-Fu® Soothing Blend

15 ml
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Product Information

Why take this product?

  • Cools, relaxes, soothes
  • Convenient for after-exercise muscle application when combined with Carrier or Massage Oil
  • Can be used with Golden Salve for a cooling balm

How it works

Nature’s Sunshine Tei-Fu® Soothing Blend Essential Oil features menthol, camphor, wintergreen, eucalyptus, lavender, and clove oils. Tei-Fu encourages relaxation and helps to sooth and cool. Dilute with Nature’s Sunshine Carrier or Massage Oil and apply topically to muscles after exercise or when needed. Tei-Fu can also be combined with Nature’s Sunshine Golden Salve to make a soothing balm.

Technical information


Menthol, camphor , wintergreen , eucalyptus, lavender, clove

Recommended use

Essential oils may be used aromatically or topically in a variety of ways, including diffusers, massage, compresses, baths, scrubs, lotions and sprays. Essential oils should be diluted with Nature’s Sunshine Massage Oil or Carrier Oil before being applied topically.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Diana A
Love Tei Fu Soothing Blend

I was skeptical changing from the tiny bottles of Tei Fu to the larger bottle Blend. Turns out it’s just as powerful as the smaller, has a much better applicator, of course it lasts longer, and is still my go to for all that ails us.

Michelle Stewart
Tei-Fu is a must for Sinuses!

Tei-fu is extremely helpful for colds and sinuses, been using it for 30years.

Steve Hudson
Tei-Fu is the best!

Tei-Fu is an absolute necessity for me!!! Helps opens my sinuses and is the only thing that can help with pain from my migraines!!! I recommend it often to friends and family!!!

Jake OR
Total sinus opener!!

Absolutely perfect oil blend for congestion.

Emma L. Cade

Tei-Fu is the best pain reliever I have ever found! I have scoliosis & I use this oil daily to relieve the pain in my back, neck & knees! It’s a miracle for me!!

Tei-Fu Soothing Blend
Tei-Fu® Soothing Blend