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Nature's Sunshine

Stress Relief

100 Capsules
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Product Information

Important Note

We recommend the TCM version of this product for more potency and a lower cost per day. Why TCM?

Why take this product?

  • Produces calming effects
  • May benefit the gastric system
  • Benefits and nourishes the circulatory and nervous systems

How it works

Three key herbs join together in Nature’s Sunshine’s Stress Relief to calm and relieve anxiety as well as to support circulatory and gastric functions. Oyster shell, a substance found in Chinese medicine, and haliotis, both thought to alleviate anxious feelings, consist of calcium carbonate which may support gastric and circulatory health. Another Chinese herb, fushen was traditionally used to stabilize restlessness and anger. Stress Relief combines these three herbs to produce a powerful formula that may steady emotions as well as provide benefit to internal health.

Technical information


Oyster shell, albizzia bark, polygonatum rhizome, haliotis shell, fushen sclerotium with root, acorus rhizome, curcuma root tuber, ginseng root, jujuba seed, polygala root, coptis rhizome, cinnamon twig, ginger rhizome, licorice root

Recommended use

Take 1 VegCap with a meal three times daily.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Shelley Scott
Stress Relief

Stress Relief is awesome! I only need to take it every other day for best results. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs some relief from stress.

Fred Woolf

Stress Relief

Joseph Mcguirk
It works

I was diagnosed with multiple severe degenerative disks. I noticed a significant decrease in pain after the first week, after the first month almost all my pain is gone. I take 4 or 5 of these per day, do it and you won’t regret it

Barbara Yanchek
This is the best

In this stressful world, stress relief is a welcome relief!!

Naomi Kellems
Good alternative

Bought for my son who has always has some anxiety that affect his mood and stomach health. He feels like it really makes a difference, I'm glad to find something none prescriptive that helps.

Nature's Sunshine Stress Relief
Stress Relief