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Nature's Sunshine

Slippery ElmKosher

7 oz powder
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Product Information

Why take this product?

  • Rich source of mucilage
  • Lubricates the digestive system
  • Helps the body recover
  • May be used as a skin poultice

How it works

Nature’s Sunshine Slippery Elm supports the digestive system. Otherwise known as red elm, moose elm, or Indian elm, slippery elm is a good source of mucilage, a polysaccharides that lubricates the digestive system and alleviates occasional digestive discomfort. Used as a survival food by early American settlers and by George Washington and his troops, it may also be applied externally as a skin poultice.


Technical information


Slippery elm bark

Recommended use

Mix 1 or 2 heaping teaspoon(s) in a glass (8 oz.) of water or juice.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Alex Lopez

This is an all natural gentle laxative that all my clients love. It assist with natural bowel movements

Nora Hoey

My review is limited, I only used it once because I didn’t know if it would really address what I wanted it to address. The online reviews were conflicting and confusing, because some said it helps constipation but more said it helped diarrhea, I couldn’t risk it, since my real battle was the opposite of what I understood it mostly promotes.

Magdalena Lopez

Excelente producto no existe otro que se pueda comparar gracias a todos los productos que he tomado estoy con vida

Maria Hernandez
Pretty good product

The best product to help with my ulcers

Deborah Bartholomew
Slippery elm

Slippery Elm powder mixed in water soothed all my irritation in my G.I. tract.

Slippery Elm
Slippery Elm