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Protease Plus

90 Capsules
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Product Information


  • Supports the natural digestion of proteins
  • Nourishes the immune system
  • Includes plant-derived trace minerals to assist in activating enzymes

How it Works

Nature’s Sunshine Protease Plus combines protease enzymes to assist the body in breaking down proteins. As the aging process progresses, the human body manufactures few enzymes naturally, and supplementation may become necessary. When protease enzymes are not present or are at too low a level, the digestive system is unable to process proteins correctly. Protease Plus supports the immune system and overall health. The formula contains plant-derived trace minerals to aid in activating enzymes. Protease Plus capsules include 60,000 HUT protease and an herbal base of beet root fiber and plant-derived trace minerals.



Protease, beet root fiber, trace mineral concentrate

Recommended Use

Take 1–3 capsules with or between meals, once or twice daily.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Prevents and Relieves Bloating quickly!!

Protease Plus is a must have supplement for me. I take it sometimes in addition to Food Enzymes to quickly alleviate bloating. I am so grateful for Nature's Sunshine Products and Caring Sunshine!

Violet Price
Always Excellent Service and Products

Always excellent service and products ... I can asked questions about my health and herbs and they always helping me. Every time I email, they would email back the same day. Always fast shipping.. Thanks so much...Caring Sunshine

Richard Ocanas
Needed for Keto

Eating mostly meat, Protease Plus does the job. Digestion is never an issue. I take 2 per meal.

Laura Summers
Protease Plus.

A great digestive aid.Hps digest protein.

Sandra Barrilleaux

Protease Plus

Nature's Sunshine Protease Plus
Protease Plus

Only 133 left in stock