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10 Day Program
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Product Information

Why take this product?

  • Supports natural digestive cleansing processes
  • Encourages a healthy digestive environment

How it works

Nature’s Sunshine Para-Cleanse provides support for the natural cleansing processes of the intestinal system. This 10-day program includes 1 Paw Paw Cell-Reg™ capsule, 2 Herbal Pumpkin Combination Capsules, 1 Black Walnut ATC Concentrate capsule, and 2 Artemisia Combination capsules. Para-Cleanse is designed to encourage the health of the intestinal environment.


Technical information


Each cello packet contains one capsule of Paw Paw Cell-Reg, two capsules of Herbal Pumpkin, one capsule of Black Walnut ATC Concentrate, two capsules of Artemisia Combination

Recommended use

Take the contents of one cello packet twice a day 15 minutes before your morning and evening meals with at least 8 oz. pure water. Continue the program for 10 days, eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains.

NOTE: See your health care provider prior to use if: pregnant or nursing, any medical condition exists, or when taking any medication. Read and follow recommendation carefully. Not intended for prolonged use. Do not use if diarrhea, loose stools or abdominal pain are present or develop. Use of this product may worsen these conditions and be harmful to your health. Chronic diarrhea can result in serious illness.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Martha Hannah
Para-Cleanse Review

I've been using Natures Sunshine products for 35 years and have always relied on their Para-Cleanse. It's an amazing product. And, I am glad I found it accessible through Caring Sunshine. Their service and delivery is excellent.

Laura Orofino
Para cleanse

I have tried a few different cleanses and they didn't work. Finally feeling better after two rounds of your cleanse.

Stephanie Kropp

It definitely worked, but it was a little too strong for me!

Kim Iwanski
Helps relieve bloating and rebalances my gut

My nutritionist recommended Para-Cleanse and I waited several months before purchasing and trying it out. I wished I had done it sooner. I felt so much better that I have ordered a second round which she advised to do again in a month. This was gentle and effective for rebalancing my gut. I highly recommend!

Patricia Case

I have used Para-Cleanse different times. It really works. And it is a fair price. Try it you won't be sorry. A great product!

Nature's Sunshine Para-Cleanse