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Nature's Sunshine

Mood Elevator (Chinese)

100 VegCaps
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Product Information

Important Note

We recommend the TCM version of this product for more potency and a lower cost per day. Why TCM?

Why take this product?

  • Promotes well-being
  • Supports the liver
  • Nourishes the circulatory and lympathic systems

How it works

Nature’s Sunshine Mood Elevator, Chinese, draws on traditional Chinese medicine for this herbal blend. The 17 included herbs are considered a “fire-enhancing” combination because of their ability to release the chi, or vitality. Bupleurum root and cyperus rhizome, two herbs in the formula, may nourish the liver, the key organ in supporting mood, according to Chinese philosophy. Jie yu, Chinese for the liver, means to “relieve depression,” and Chinese traditional medicine practitioners claimed that a healthy liver helped ensure a positive mood.


Technical information


Perilla leaves, cyperus rhizome, chihshih fruit, typhonium rhizome, aurantium peel, bamboo sap, bupleurum root, cnidium rhizome, gambir stem, hoelen sclerotium, ophiopogon root tuber, ginger rhizome, ginseng root, platycodon root, tang-kuei root, coptis rhizome, licorice root

Recommended use

Take one VegCap with a meal daily.

NOTICE: Pregnant or lactating women should consult their health care provider prior to taking this supplement.

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Customer Reviews

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Mrs. C
Love this product

Love this product


Mood Elevator (Chinese)

Amy Hayes
Mood Elevator

I have take this product for 17 years for my depression. I was taken prescription meds and they were not working. Someone told me to try these and they helped more than any prescription medication I ever tried. I hate that they are getting so expensive.

An excellent supplement

I take at least one or two a day. It gives me a boost and also keeps me from being anxious!

Pat Holston
Mood Elevator

Two caps each night help to ease tension and help me sleep soundly. So glad I found this product!

Nature's Sunshine Mood Elevator
Mood Elevator (Chinese)