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Nature's Sunshine Lobelia Essence
Lobelia Essence

$23.95 (Before 25% discount)
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Note: Save 25% on this product (coupon added at checkout automatically)

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  • Nourishes the respiratory system
  • Relaxes the nervous system

How it Works

Nature’s Sunshine Lobelia Essence provides the powerful benefits of the lobelia herb in liquid form. Lobeline, an important ingredient in the herb, has properties similar to nicotine. Lobelia Essence consists of 44% to 47% alcohol and apple cider vinegar and can be used in baths or in external cosmetics.



Extract of lobelia aerial parts, alcohol, water, apple cider vinegar

Recommended Use

Add to baths, relaxing poultices or other external applications.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Lobelia tincture saved me through Covid! When I felt short of breath, I used it in several ways: put some in hot tea, put some under my tongue, even put drops on each my chest over my lungs, combined with Teifu oil right up the center. I always keep some by my bedside for any random coughs or shortness of breath. How wonderful that God gave that beautiful blue flower such healing power for the lungs!
Thank you, Caring Sunshine, for providing such wonderful service so we can stay healthy and do God's work in this world!

Rhonda Peight

Great product! My kids had whooping cough and it definitely helped their symptoms

John Holmes

Healed the lungs of cancet

Kathy Gates

I have been very happy with the products and the service.


The liquid Lobellia has been used for our babies. It is good for relaxation when they have colic. It's also used when they start cutting teeth. It has been something my daughter and granddaughter have depended on for our babies comfort.
My granddaughter is 28 years old and she had a time with colic when she was in her early months. We are so glad it is still available from a dependable independent consultant, Caring Sunshine.
I am so happy we found you. You site is so easy to find and order our herbs. Thank you so much.