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Product Information

Why take this product?

  • Rich source of natural iron
  • Encourages better absorption of iron

How it works

The Nature’s Sunshine I-X formula is a rich source of iron, a necessary nutrient for blood supply and energy production. The I-X formula includes herbs that contain natural iron with other substances that encourage iron absorption. I-X also contains other trace minerals and vitamins.

Technical information


Red beet root, yellow dock root, red raspberry leaves, chickweed aerial parts, burdock root, nettle leaves, mullein leaves

Recommended use

Take 2 capsules with a meal three times daily.

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Customer Reviews

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gina martin
cure anemia, every time

this product along with your yellow dock has cured my mom's, my sister's, and my friend's anemia one from age, one from post pregnancy and one from perimenopause, heavy bleeding. And it has stopped the profuse hair shedding in myself.

Horace Parham

Excellent service

Aledia Sanchez
Great product

Working as directed !!

Otto Kolditz

I bought the I-X iron supplement because I was anemic. It helped tremendously and without fail. I was cold all the time even at 77 degrees in the house. Since taking the plant based iron sup. That I bought from Caring sunshine at a very reasonable price, I am able to feel normal again. Caring Sunshine was responsive and expedient in filling the order and shipped it the same afternoon I called the I-X iron order in. It arrived in 2 days, so I placed another order and shared it with my daughter who is holistically inclined. Thank you very much Caring Sunshine
Your name is very appropriate. I helped another friend with similar need for Iron. It helped tremendously over the chemically derived Iron Supplements she was taking. That is triple Caring Sunshine. Thank you!!!!

Sharry Bennett


Nature's Sunshine I-X