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Nature's Sunshine


90 Capsules
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Product Information

Why take this product?

  • Nourishes the muscular system
  • Rich source of malic acid and magnesium
  • Enhances absorption of vitamins and minerals that strengthen the bones and regulate nerve impulses

How it works

Nature’s Sunshine Fibralgia® nourishes the muscular system to alleviate muscle discomfort and fatigue. Fibralgia includes malic acid and magnesium, nutrients that provide key muscular support. Malic acid helps produce cellular energy while magnesium encourages proper absorption of nutrients that strengthen the bones and balance nerve impulses. These nutrients help the body maintain the energy production it needs so it doesn’t break down muscle protein to create energy.


Technical information


80 mg magnesium, malic acid

Recommended use

Take 1 capsule with a meal three times daily.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
My Saving Grace! Yes!!

I am Beyond Grateful for this product, Unwanted side effects (multiple) I’ve never experienced before caused by taking a prescript. med; one - being uncomfortably backed up from it. Fibralgia helps keep muscle pain at bay, in addition to keeping me regular (who knew?). OTC methods were/are zero help in alleviating either for me. Unable to take ibuprofen or acetaminophen, and Fibralgia is my saving Grace. Thank goodness for Fibralgia, it makes a difference, alleviates much of muscle aches & pains. Highly recommend. I hope they never stop making this product & I do my best to stay stocked up on it. Unimaginable living without it. (Have tried other magnesium as well and none works as well as this).

Grace Vasquez
Fibralgia for Fibromyalgia

Fibralgia is a magnesium supplement that it’s extremely helpful for the daily sufferers of fibromyalgia, ive been using it for quite a while and feel the difference when i stop. It also helps me with my sleep.

Joanna Mack
Fibralgia strong

Taking Fibralgia just for a week and a half has shown me results. I feel strength in my limbs, not tightening up and stiffening up as i work, whether on the computer or doing simple tasks. No charlie horses in my calves and feet. I will continue using...

Peter Adeniji
Naturopathic doctor

Good for the fibrotic tissue restoration function adjoining the skeletal frame.

Melissa Devore
Magnesium rich

This product is rich in an absorbable form of magnesium. I am new to this product so I cannot attest to its long term effectiveness.

Nature's Sunshine Fibralgia