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Natures Sunshine Eucalyptus Essential Oil

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Product Information


How it Works


  • Anti-bacterial and anti-viral
  • Respiratory health
  • Shingles
  • Expectorant
  • Anti-inflammatory


Aromatic: Diffuse 30 minutes 3 times daily, put in humidifier, or directly inhale

Topical: Dilute 1 part with 1 part carrier oil and apply 2-4 drops on location

History and other facts

  • It was used in the past as an insect repellant
  • It was also used to make linen closets smell nice

100% pure, organically grown eucalyptus radiata leaf oil

Recommended Use

Dilute with carrier oil and apply to neck and chest. Essential oils may be used aromatically or topically in a variety of ways, including diffusers, massage, compresses, baths, scrubs, lotions and sprays. Essential oils should be diluted with Nature’s Sunshine Massage Oil or Carrier Oil before being applied topically.

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New label and other changes

In the fall of 2020, Nature's Sunshine switched to a new label and changed the names of a few products. However, no formulas have been changed. To learn more about the changes, click here.

Customer Reviews

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Claudia Garcia
Caring Sunshine

Enjoy consuming this product!

A must have

A must have item in the state of Alaska during a dry, cold and long winter. A few drops of eucalyptus oil along with some of the lemongrass oil makes a perfect combination in my defuser to soften the dry air of my home filling it with wonderful aroma of the essential oils. Works wonders during cold seasons, helps with congestion and soothes breathing. Highly recommend.