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Cortisol Formula (Nature’s Cortisol Formula)

90 capsules
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Nature's Sunshine Nature's Cortisol
Cortisol Formula (Nature’s Cortisol Formula)

$77.95 (Before 25% discount)
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Product Information


  • May help regulate already normal cortisol levels
  • May help regulate already normal blood glucose levels

How it Works

Nature’s Sunshine Cortisol Formula® supports proper weight management. Cortisol, a hormone manufactured by the adrenal glands in response to stress, may be directly related to calorie consumption, weight gain, and glucose formation. This specially designed formula maintains already normal cortisol levels with Relora®. Banaba, holy basil, chromium, vanadium, decaffeinated green tea extract, calcium ascorbate and DHEA also join forces in Cortisol Formula to regulate already normal blood glucose levels and lower cortisol production.



60 mg vitamin C, 100 mcg chromium, Relora, holy basil leaves extract, green tea leaf extract, banaba leaf extract, I-theanine, DHEA , vanadium

Recommended Use

Take 1 capsule with a meal three times daily.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Nature's Cortisol

Excellent and you need a 30 count Bottle for people to try. I would like my Clients to have the option of a 30 count bottle to see if it works for them ..

Rheda Torian

Cortisol Formula (Nature's Cortisol Formula)

Angela Garner

I have been taking for about a month and I see my stomach slightly smaller. Also my managing of stressful situations is getting better.

Crystal Samaha

My cortisol was off the charts and started taking Natures cortisol formula and now it's under control.

Reviewer avatar
Corry Smedstad
Works like it says

I noticed after about a month and half of consistently taking this Cortisol destroyer, it started working for me. Belly fat is less. It’s not cheap, but I do think it’s worth using it to destroy cortisol made by stress hormones, that produce belly fat! A real interesting science to it. I never had a problem with belly fat before, but since turning 63, hormones have definitely changed. Exercise has always been key for me in keeping stress under control, and keeping the metabolism from slowing down. And I don’t want to get behind in a good exercise routine, or it’s nearly impossible to get rid of belly fat, and keep it under control. Eating a low fat diet is critical in maintaining a healthy metabolism! And a low sugar diet. Making it away of life. Hope this helps someone.