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ALJ (Seasonal Allergy)Kosher

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Nature's Sunshine Seasonal Allergy (Formerly ALJ)
ALJ (Seasonal Allergy)

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Product Information


  • Soothes respiratory tissue
  • Assists the respiratory system in its natural cleansing processes
  • Supports the body during seasonal changes

How it Works

ALJ by Nature’s Sunshine is an herbal supplement that helps balance the natural elimination functions of the respiratory system. Airborne particles are everywhere. When particles enter the respiratory system via the nose or the mouth, the body turns on its cleansing mechanisms. As a result, the immune system is put on active duty. However, herbal supplements support a healthy respiratory system that can stand up to the challenge of inhaled irritants.

Nature’s Sunshine ALJ Capsules assist the body in cleansing potentially harmful airborne particles from the respiratory system and provide immune system support. The blend of herbs in ALJ Capsules work together to support the body as seasons change. The formula includes fenugreek and mullein, both herbs that contain mucilage, which soothes tissue. The other herbs found in ALJ Capsules assist in nourishing the lungs and cleansing the respiratory system.

This product is also available as VegiTabs and in liquid form.


Boneset aerial parts, fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds, horseradish root, mullein leaves extract

Recommended Use

Take 2–4 capsules with a meal three times daily.

Product Label

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New label and other changes

In the fall of 2020, Nature's Sunshine switched to a new label and changed the names of a few products. However, no formulas have been changed. To learn more about the changes, click here.

Customer Reviews

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Amy May
ALJ (Seasonal Allergy)

I use ALJ for my seasonal allergies. It helps tremendously. Would definitely suggest using.

caring customer

Item was as described. Good quality. Price affordable. Shipping was as promised. Would suggest using. It's my natural method to reduce the serverity of Spring allergies or help recover from sinus sickness'.

Lisa Cobaugh
Fast, Accurate, and Afordoble

The price is less.than anywhere that I have found. My order arrived as promised.

Linda Estridge
Nothing Better

For sinus allergy issues there is nothing better

Nancy Forbes
Great service

Caring Sunshine ships orders quickly. ALJ has been on back order on and off from Nature's Sunshine. Every time I buy from Caring Sunshine it is in stock and I get it quickly.