With just a bit of planning, you should be able to save a lot of money when you purchase Nature’s Sunshine products. Here is the simple plan we recommend.

1) Become a Nature’s Sunshine member. You can do that right here on CaringSunshine by placing an order for at least $40. Your membership is FREE and comes with NO obligation. There are no purchase requirements whatsoever.

2) Always order under your member ID directly from Nature’s Sunshine rather than ordering from sites that sell the products or local stores.

3) Place large orders occasionally or group your orders within the same month rather than placing small orders every month. As a Nature’s Sunshine member, you will receive rebates on your purchases in any month where you spend at least $100. Your rebate will range from 10-30%.

4) Go in together with friends to qualify for even bigger rebates. If you all purchase together during the same month, your rebate will be much bigger. For example, if you all together order at least $600 in a month, your rebate will be $18% for that month.


To illustrate, let’s look at a sample product like the popular CleanStart cleanse.

Suggested Retail (Health Food Store) $71.65
Member Price (CaringSunshine price) $47.75
Member Price (Total orders of at least $100 during the month) $42.98
Member Price (Total orders of at least $3000 during the month) $32.43


Here are a few more thoughts for you. First, if you don’t want to become a Nature’s Sunshine member for some reason, you can still get the member price every day here at CaringSunshine. We sell at the member price rather than the much higher suggested retail price.

If you want to get creative, you may find that achieving the higher rebates (even 30%) is quite doable for you simply by working together with friends that also use the products. You can handle it in several different ways. First, you can place large, collective orders and divide them up when they arrive (this saves you the most on shipping). You can also place individual orders for each friend under your member ID and have Nature’s Sunshine ship them directly to your friends. You can also sign your friends up in Nature’s Sunshine underneath you and let them order for themselves. You will get a rebate on all the purchases they make. The key is to all order during the same month if possible.

If you have any questions about these tips, please call us and we will walk through your situation with you. Best wishes to your health!

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