Making it simple: Breaking down Nature’s Sunshine multivitamins

Capsules and tablets

Truthfully, Nature’s Sunshine probably has too many products, often with very similar products in the same category. Sometimes, this causes a paralysis-by-analysis syndrome in which customers see so many choices that they get overwhelmed and give up.

Over the next several months, I want to walk through categories one by one and discuss the product mix in each. My goal will be to tell you how to eliminate most of the products in the category and focus on the most effective options.

We are going to start with multivitamins today. I am starting with multivitamins because they are really foundational and the first place that people often start with nutritional supplements.

The good news is that while Nature’s Sunshine has several multivitamins, they all have different uses and are designed for different customers. Here is a video I just recorded where I walked through all of them.


To summarize the video, here are the multivitamin options:

MultiVitamin & Mineral
For budget conscious consumers that just want to “get in the game.” Use the Time Release option.

Super Supplemental
A very complete, high-quality multivitamin that is the top seller in the category. Contains far more nutrition and other helpful ingredients as well (herbs, antioxidants, and whole food blends).

Children’s MultiVitamin & Mineral
Delicious gummies specifically for children.

A basic multivitamin for those who cannot swallow tablets/capsules or just believe that liquid products are better.

Nature’s Prenatal
For pregnant women. Contains a few extra nutrients such as iron, folic acid, and ginger.

Super Trio
Contains packets of three foundational products (Super Supplemental, Super ORAC, and Super Omega-3). Designed for adults over 50 who want a more comprehensive solution.

Power Meal
This is more of a meal replacement than a multivitamin, but it does have the nutrition of a multivitamin along with far more (mushroom complex, protein, and fiber). Great economical option for those that use protein already for weight management or muscle maintenance.


Photo by Raimond Klavins on Unsplash