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Power Greens To-Go

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Power Greens
Power Greens To-Go

$82.00 (Before 25% discount)
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We get it—there are a TON of greens out there—but nothing like this! Power Greens is the only blend packed with 2 full servings of vegetables, 200+ plant-based nutrients, prebiotic fiber, enzymes, adaptogens, nootropics and immune-boosting herbs. And... it tastes delicious!

  • Two full servings of vegetables, & 200+ plant-based nutrients in every glass
  • Supports energy, recovery, immunity, mood, gut-health and metabolism

Como funciona

Packed with superfoods that provide highly absorbable nutrients—like vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants—Power Greens features unique blends that address nutrition, digestion, immune health, mood and oxidation, while providing nourishing whole foods and upcycled fruit fiber.

Power Greens is loaded with 200+ plant-based nutrients, including:
19 nutrient-dense greens
13 whole vegetables and fruits for power-charged nutrition
6 fibers from upcycled vegetables for gut health
5 enzymes for digestive support you can feel
5 immune boosters to keep you going strong
4 adaptogens for powerful mood support
6 dedicated antioxidants (in addition to the whole food blend!)
2 full servings of vegetables in every glass
Plus 22 vitamins and minerals

We Get It, Other Greens Taste Awful. You’ll Love Ours!
Light and refreshing taste with no added sugar, preservatives, artificial sweeteners or artificial colors
Advanced Superfoods Your Body Craves, But Isn’t Getting
Holistic superfood formula with effective levels of nutrients
Phytonutrient blend features premium vegetables, herbs, prebiotics, natural fibers, and vegan-friendly vitamins & minerals
Two full servings of vegetables
Formulated by herbalists, scientists and health practitioners
Feel More Energized, Balanced and Alive
Fuels your body with foundational nutrition*
Naturally promotes a healthy metabolism*
Supports mood and overall sense of wellbeing*

Uso Recomendado

Mix one To-Go Pack, per day into 12-16 oz. of water or your favorite beverage, drink and enjoy!

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J Munoz
Greens power

Excellent product, complete and you can travel with the Greens. Very handy and powerful. Easy to prepare.